I believe we are often deposited  IPL hair removal machine  mask skin care program operation, a week may also be done 1-2 times. But there are many deposition mask considerations, your steps are correct? Today together to share how to use Spring moisturizing mask, skin care steps how to spare it!

Mask before use

step1: Before using the mask, it is best to do first allergy test, the mask a little dressing put on the back for 30 minutes after the wash, if applied at the non-red itchy reaction, you can wipe the face. Especially for the DIY mask, we should adhere to do first allergy test diet.

step2: before applying the mask, before makeup, wash your face, horny, can go when necessary, to facilitate the absorption of the mask, but also to prevent dirt and dust from entering the pores.

How to apply mask, pay attention to what

Mask Ongoing

step3: washing the face before putting the mask, first before the hot wet towel in the face for three minutes, then massage the entire face three to five minutes to enhance the effect of attaining.

step4: use moisturizing mask, if it is painting style mask, you can take a bath at the same time, particularly conducive to water absorption and oh! Painting style mask easy to dry, if used in the bath, avoid intense tingling of the skin, can also be free from moisture mask suck-Oh!

step5: Painted mask sequence, from the neck, jaw, cheeks, nose, lips, forehead, from bottom to top; around the eyes, eyebrows, upper and lower lip portions are not painted mask. Be sure to note the location for painting mask! Best start easy dry T word parts painted on, and finally the U District.


How to apply mask, pay attention to what

After using the mask

step6: Mask coating about 15 minutes later, the finger touch, if not feel sticky, you can start from the film edge, bottom slowly thrown off. In general, the mask will dry skin tightening, wrinkles, so the mask to be removed immediately drying, do not stay long on the skin or overnight.

step7: After removing the mask, the application of clean warm water to wash his face residues, then moment of cold towel to make pores, and finally painted with soothing cosmetics. Be careful convergence step, some cleaning or exfoliating mask, if the latter handled carelessly, it can cause skin damage Oh!

How to apply mask, pay attention to what



For more special texture mask, you can follow the instructions to use the cleaning time. But if it feels discomfort skin, wash immediately need Oh! Notice what safety first. For DIY mask, preferably 15 minutes to clean.

Mask the use of frequency-time: In principle, the use of two to three times a week mask, facial acne, melasma, age spots people can be applied once or twice a week, in order to enhance the effect; protein mask , we should not use frequently, to about twice a week.