Amy knows that skin needs sun  980nm laser  protection cream, and the best sunscreen skin care products, should the number of sunscreen. In order to get better protection from the sun, a lot of friends to choose to use high-powered sunscreen, but not necessarily for the correct usage of high-powered sunscreen. Today to teach you the proper use of high-powered sunscreen.



First with a cotton pad dipped in some type of oil control toner T zone smear site, in advance take care of the most vulnerable parts of the oil, it will not let the sun and after looking finish spend.


Matte makeup you want, you can select partial liquid sunscreen. First sunscreen squeeze in your hand, then with a finger dipped smear. Each time the amount of smearing is less, by a superposition of layers to achieve the protective effect.


Wait five minutes after application, so sunscreens absorb the oil, then with a clean cotton or paper towels tap the skin, absorb excess oil.



Matte and powder with sunscreen is the last killer! Use it to swipe the entire face and gently press in the T-zone, not only protection but also perfect makeup perfect.

Spoonful of soda achievement bare skin

Baking soda is also a good addition to toast the outer skin spices, with a bottle (about 15 ml) of milk bath plus a spoonful of baking soda and mix thoroughly, apply on the body can be used to scrub. Baking soda has a role in softening skin, unclog pores while, for easy rough elbows and knees, often with baking soda to care can make these easy pigmentation accumulation of the site become white and tender.


The above method is to use a high-powered sunscreen. Today, according to the method described to apply high-powered sunscreen, your skin can get very good protection from the sun.  980nm diode laser  Experts suggest that different types of sunscreens, their use is a luxurious, that needs your attention.