Exfoliating beauty sister who is the most basic Beauty Equipment  skin care steps, with age the skin will gradually aging, aging is also a manifestation of keratin. Regular exfoliation can help restore elasticity, shiny.

"Cuticle skin decide success or failure," with these words to describe that is no exaggeration. If the female occasional exfoliation, easily lead to the accumulation of horny skin becomes dull, rough; on the contrary, if the frequent exfoliation, it is easy to thinning the stratum corneum of the skin, causing the skin's immune system decline various problems, such as allergies, redness and other.

Common Mistakes exfoliating, shot yet?

1. dried peel should exfoliate?

Autumn and winter dry season, his face appeared dry and peeling, and some people will soon realize that exfoliates. In fact, this skin but will bring greater harm. Exfoliating scrub primarily by way of "grinding" out aging cuticle; take away the face of endless skin then the skin is extremely dry state, this time exfoliating, no doubt to dry, dehydrated skin Cadogan layer damage.

2. Exfoliate the ground the better?

"Who says exfoliating the ground the better the? Rough years, the baby is not guaranteed hit," Poor little Q roommate said angrily. Original Recently she heard that old face skin problems, mostly clean thorough enough lead to cause the accumulation of the stratum corneum. So, this sister very hard every day to exfoliate ... Unexpectedly, this sister's face grew red, more and more sensitive.

3. sensitive skin, you do not have a thin cuticle exfoliate?

Some people think that they are sensitive skin, exfoliating but easy to aggravate allergies ... there really such thing? In fact, they took into account half of the stratum corneum is thin sensitive skin is an important factor. In fact, there are easy weeping sensitive skin sites, such as facial T zone, forehead and nose on both sides, these particularly prone to blackheads, aging and other skin problems.

Obviously, you do not have sensitive skin exfoliating is wrong. Sensitive skin also appears horny aging, but the face of the special nature of the skin needs careful selection of exfoliating product Bale.

Exfoliate science, but also your skin Mimi ~

Regular exfoliation: Generally, 1-2 weeks will recommend a thorough horny removed. But here say no accurate boundaries regularly, you need to be measured according to the season and the nature of the skin. Such as dry skin in the winter is generally two months to clean up once, sensitive sister can Muscle proper clean up once a month.

Horny serious need to carefully clean the area: an  Laser hair removal machine  exfoliating cleanser clean horny, you should carefully clean the accumulation of keratin serious parts, such as facial T zone, both sides of the nose, forehead, chin and other parts, pulp with both hands a little harder massage 1- 2 minutes, appears tiny exfoliating granules cleaned with water.

After exfoliating care: After completing the step of removing horny, face skin will appear relatively dry, then do not forget to point shot skin lotion, or paste a mask to help skin moisturizing lock water to avoid dry skin, pores and other phenomena.